André Roligheten - reeds

Andreas Wildhagen - drums

Jonas Cambien - piano



Debut album

A Zoology of the Future

out on Clean Feed Records



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''Cambien's fierce intent has yielded impressive results and many will be looking forward to his next move.'' (*****)

John Sharpe on


''Cambien is (…) an inspiring pianist. His trio has created a unique, poetic and suggestive music with a long-lasting aesthetics.''

Bjarne Søltoft in Jazznytt


''...a welcome and rather unanticipated surprise for 2016.'' (****)

Glenn Astarita on


''If this album represents the sound of the future (as its title suggests), I won’t complain. It’s three men, a pile of instruments, and an aversion to musical convention. Mix those all together, and you get the wild racket that is A Zoology of the Future. Highly recommended!'' (****1/2)

Derek Stone on


''One of the best recordings of the year.'' (*****)

Marcin Jachnik on


''Jonas Cambien Trio helps jazz to survive, not by renewing it, but through refreshment and vitality.''

Arild Andersen on


''exciting and interesting record''

Jan Granlie on


''Conversations on a high level''

Tor Hammerø on