''Veteran Clean Feed roster artist Jonas Cambien (piano) and colleagues morph a cohesive yet uncanny take on jazz experimentation that defies rigid categorizations.'' * * * *

Glenn Astarita on allaboutjazz.com


''We Must Mustn’t We is immediate and bracing'' * * * * 1/2

Derek Stone on freejazzblog.org


''Ademloos luisteren.'' * * * *

Misha Andriessen in Trouw


''Het tweede album van zijn Trio, (...), zet ’s mans ongrijpbare veelzijdigheid nog maar eens in de verf.''

Guy Peters op Enola.be


''Top Of 2018!'' * * * * *

Mariusz Zawiślak on Multikulti.com


''Idérik og imponerende trio. Jonas Cambien er i slekt med Thelonious Monk og Cecil Taylor, men lar seg ikke prege av det.''

Arild R. Andersen on jazzinorge.no


''Sammen med de langt framskredne improvisatørene Roligheten og Wildhagen, (...) har Cambien skapt sitt eget univers som er egna for å overraske, utfordre og dermed sette mottakerapparatet i aksjon på et nytt vis - ingenting er mer spennende enn det.''

Tor Hammerø on torhammero.blogg.no


''Half the fun is learning the new musical language a pianist like Jonas Cambien is speaking.''


We Must Mustn't We, the second album by Jonas Cambien Trio is out on the Portuguese label Clean Feed.


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A Zoology of the Future

Clean Feed Records (2016)



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''Cambien's fierce intent has yielded impressive results and many will be looking forward to his next move.''

( * * * * * )

John Sharpe on allaboutjazz.com



''One of the best recordings of the year.''

( * * * * * )

Marcin Jachnik on multikulti.com



''Cambien is (…) an inspiring pianist. His trio has created a unique, poetic and suggestive music with a long-lasting aesthetics.''

Bjarne Søltoft in Jazznytt



''...a welcome and rather unanticipated surprise for 2016.'' (* * * *)

Glenn Astarita on allaboutjazz.com



''If this album represents the sound of the future (as its title suggests), I won’t complain. It’s three men, a pile of instruments, and an aversion to musical convention. Mix those all together, and you get the wild racket that is A Zoology of the Future. Highly recommended!''

(* * * * 1/2)

Derek Stone on freejazzblog.org




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André Roligheten - reeds

Andreas Wildhagen - drums

Jonas Cambien - piano


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