Jonas Cambien Trio

André Roligheten         Andreas Wildhagen

'' They sound like no-one else.''

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The music of Jonas Cambien Trio balances seamlessly between hummable songs and free improvisation, and is at the same time simple and complex, primitive and sophisticated, beautiful and rough. The trio is led by the Oslo-based pianist Jonas Cambien, who trained classically in Belgium, before he moved to Oslo to study jazz. He is supported by two players from the top-shelf of Norwegian Jazz: reedist André Roligheten, and drummer Andreas Wildhagen. The trio has released two critically acclaimed albums on the Portuguese label Clean Feed: A Zoology of the Future (2016), and ‘We Must Mustn’t We’ (2018).

We Must Mustn't We, the second album by Jonas Cambien Trio, is out on the Portuguese label Clean Feed.

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''Jonas Cambien Trio may defy all your expectations but promises a provocative yet convincing listening experience.''

Eyal Hareuveni on

''Veteran Clean Feed roster artist Jonas Cambien (piano) and colleagues morph a cohesive yet uncanny take on jazz experimentation that defies rigid categorizations.'' * * * *

Glenn Astarita on

''We Must Mustn’t We is immediate and bracing'' * * * * 1/2

Derek Stone on

''Ademloos luisteren.'' * * * *

Misha Andriessen in Trouw

''Het tweede album van zijn Trio, (...), zet ’s mans ongrijpbare veelzijdigheid nog maar eens in de verf.''
Guy Peters op

''Top Of 2018!'' * * * * *
Mariusz Zawiślak on

''Idérik og imponerende trio. Jonas Cambien er i slekt med Thelonious Monk og Cecil Taylor, men lar seg ikke prege av det.'' Arild R. Andersen on

''Sammen med de langt framskredne improvisatørene Roligheten og Wildhagen, (...) har Cambien skapt sitt eget univers som er egna for å overraske, utfordre og dermed sette mottakerapparatet i aksjon på et nytt vis - ingenting er mer spennende enn det.''

Tor Hammerø on

''Half the fun is learning the new musical language a pianist like Jonas Cambien is speaking.''

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